We can also act as an 'Early Resolution Neutral' (ERN) brought into a dispute at an early stage when it is clear that dialogue between parties has dried up. The ERN, working together with the parties appointed lawyers &/or claims handlers can enable costly paralysis to be overcome. An ERN can explore with each party in strict confidence possibilities to move matters forward in the best interests of all parties to the dispute.

It is important to stress that ERN will not disclose what he learns from one party without the express authorisation of that party. This therefore creates a safe setting in which ERN can explore the overlapping interests which may unite the parties and enable them to collaborate to resolve the dispute.

An Early Resolve neutral (ERN) can:

  • Upon receiving an approach from one party seek 'buy-in' from the other party or parties.
  • Operate in an environment of confidentiality - any information the ERN learns from one party will not be disclosed to the other(s) without express authorisation.
  • Explore with each party its case and the indispensable minimum further information and/or documentation which may need to be collected to enable constructive discussions to occur.
  • Work out a mutually agreed clear "road map" which will enable the parties to identify their options for resolving or, alternatively, for contesting such issues as remain.
  • Should it be necessary, hold a mediation, albeit much earlier in the process.