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Thursday, 17 April 1997 00:00

Re: Jones [1998] 1 FLR 246

Court of Appeal case laying down rules as to effect on wills of interrelationship of forfeiture rule and testamentary provisions for gifts over on death of primary legatee.

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Representing executors in litigation relating to the estate’s right to recover property.

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Trusts, co-ownership and the presumption of advancement.

Acquiescence, proprietary estoppel and breach of building covenant.

Dispute over burial arrangements for deceased.

Beneficial interests; commercial property; declarations; expert evidence.

Representing the Claimant trustees in relation to the administration and distribution of a £15m trust fund, and trustees' powers to dispose of shares in a private company, approval of a resolution to distribute and applications to remove trustees.

A claim to set aside a transfer of property pursuant to an agreement made as part of an ancillary relief claim prior to the presentation of a bankruptcy petition but performed after the petition was presented.

Testamentary capacity, Succession, Trusts, the rule in Parker v Felgate