Gavin McLeod
Call: 2010
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Insolvency & Restructuring Profile

Gavin’s emphasis is on cases of personal insolvency, and he has thus attended various bankruptcy petitions, set-asides and related hearings. He has had dealings with such matters at appellate level. These cases can often involve enquiries into the realities of property ownership and other nuanced means by which debts or bankruptcies are disputed. Gavin brings his knowledge of relevant areas of law in this regard to the specifics of the insolvency context. His work thus especially involves consideration of trust concepts, both as asserted by creditors (Quistclose, etc.) and by debtors/bankrupts and their family members. He has dealt with claims deriving from the insolvency, such as conversion proceedings at the behest of the trustee, and has advised as to bankrupts’ breaches of duty to the trustee and otherwise. In the corporate context, his knowledge of equitable principles would extend to the assessment of the actions of director fiduciaries of insolvent or prospectively insolvent companies, and of any constructive trusts to be imposed against the proceeds of equitable wrongdoing in this regard.