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Call: 1985
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David has been in practice at the Bar since call in 1985, specialising in the business and property aspects of chancery and commercial litigation. His particular specialism includes Property Litigation and Property Development; Commercial Litigation including Company and Partnership Disputes; and some insolvency and IT. David also has experience in related professional negligence claims.

David was accredited as a mediator in 2009, although he had been appointed and had experience of mediations (as mediator) some time prior to that. He also is regularly appointed to represent the interests of parties at mediations.

David encourages mediation at an early stage. Even without the benefit of a third party mediator, David in his practise has a tremendous and recognised record of satisfactory and sensible settlements, usually gained by thorough preparation on behalf of one or other of the parties.

What does David bring to the table?

Experience (good and bad ultimately) of a wide range contentious matters within his expertise. Mitigated with a desire to bring about a sensible solution to intractable and expensive problems - sometimes seeking justice for parties ill-equipped to progress through litigation. An open and honest style and approachable manner which matches well the techniques required to benefit parties to a facilitative mediation.

An underlying high level of legal knowledge in the areas in which he practices. Creativity – the ability to achieve a solution no court could order.

What does David want to achieve through the ADR process?

Satisfactory solutions to problems which are very real and sometimes life changing for the parties - even though David’s sorts of dispute usually involve money or assets. The aim is to achieve a good result in a down to earth manner with no grandstanding or show-boating. David is not a mediator who will patronise the parties, or pronounce against lawyers or litigation generally. The ADR process increases the plethora of methods of dispute resolution, but success in it should not be seen as an end in itself.


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