Anthony Verduyn
Call: 1993
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Mediators Profile

Tony Verduyn has long experience of litigation, both as a barrister (of more than 16 years’ call) and as a part-time judge, deputy adjudicator and tribunal chairman. He has broad experience of the mediation process and understands what impels parties to seek resolution by agreement. Tony was trained by ADR Group as a mediator and is ADR Group accredited. He was trained by CEDR as a mediation advocate. His main areas of mediation practice reflect his interests at the bar and are property law, commercial property and housing, but he also has broad commercial and common law experience. He heads St Philip’s Chambers’ Property Team.

What does Anthony bring to the table?

Experience and an approachable manner. He sets out to analyse and understand the position of the parties; being challenging where necessary, and always focused on resolution. He draws on both experience as an advocate and as a decision maker in guiding the mediation process.

Recent success. A business dispute that had become personal to those involved, and with issues of professional reputation, was resolved despite entrenched positions and with a huge saving in trial costs. The case had all the classic elements of a bitter battle, but was settled at mediation when realities were faced and solutions found that could not be achieved through the Court.

What does Anthony want to achieve through the ADR process?

Resolution, where resolution is possible; and the clarifying of issues where resolution cannot be achieved. The purpose of ADR is to resolve matters between the parties by agreement and sometimes by adopting solutions beyond the powers of the court. When that end cannot be attained, the parties should still come out of ADR with a clear understanding of where settlement is possible and where not, and where the issues between them truly lay.