David Griffiths
Call: 2001
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Arbitrators Profile

David has a wealth of experience acting as a Mediator and of advising and representing parties who are involved in the mediation process. David has been an ADR practitioner for approximately 15 years and is regularly appointed in a number of ADR roles which range from acting as an adjudicator in consumer disputes to sitting as an Arbitrator in commercial disputes. As well as being an Accredited Mediator he is also a Chartered Arbitrator.

David sits as the Chairman of Football League Commissions which are designed to deal with disputes between Football Clubs, players and the Football League. The decision of the Commission is binding on the parties involved in the dispute and they provide a cost effective alternative to litigation. He is also a member of the team of ADR practitioners who deal with disputes on behalf of the motor and the telecommunication industry.

What does David bring to the table?

David spent the first 20 years of his working life working in the mining industry both as a mechanical engineer and later as a commercial manager. He then moved to work in the field of ADR in an international context. It is this experience that David can bring to the dispute arena. As a Mediator he is pragmatic in approach and he is able to empathise with the problems faced by parties who find themselves perhaps unwittingly embroiled in litigation. When acting as an Adjudicator or Arbitrator he attempts to manage the process as one would manage any business function with costs always being at the forefront of his mind.

What does David want to achieve through the ADR process?

David always wants an outcome which is the best possible one for the parties involved within the process. It is often the case that when a dispute settles by the use of mediation neither party involved will be entirely content with the final outcome. In many respects this is an understandable consequence of the ADR process but it is the alternative which the parties will have avoided which is time consuming litigation where costs escalate and the parties spend more money and effort on the dispute than they do on actually running their businesses or on the things which are of most importance to them.