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Andrew Charman is a specialist in chancery and commercial work. He is ranked by Chambers Guide 2009 as the only tier 1 barrister for chancery work in the Midlands and ranked as a leading junior for commercial litigation. He also regularly advises in relation to corporate transaction and other non-contentious work. Andrew was a solicitor in the corporate department at Freshfields in London and Tokyo before coming to the Bar. He has been an accredited mediator since 2001 and regularly uses mediation in his practice as a barrister. In recent years he has achieved multi-million pound settlements for claimants at mediation and when representing defendants has achieved favourable settlements in hard-fought litigation.

Andrew has been a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators since 1998 and regularly conducts claims in arbitration. He has successfully appealed arbitrators’ awards to the High Court.

What does Andrew bring to the table?

Andrew’s experience as a transactional lawyer combined with substantial experience at the Bar means that he is especially well-placed to understand the commercial and practical issues involved in finding ways around apparent obstacles to agreement. His experience also gives him a useful background to draw upon in finding imaginative solutions and the authority to bring home to parties the reality of the trial process and the limitations on what it can achieve, as well as the risk and costs. Andrew is commended by Chambers and Partners 2009 for his intelligence and “thorough preparation” and will when necessary challenge all parties to acknowledge the areas of weakness in their position as well as help them to communicate their areas of strength to the other side.

What does Andrew want to achieve through the ADR process?

Andrew enjoys the inherently constructive nature of good ADR and its contrast with the frequently destructive nature of litigation. He believes that disputes are generally solved by parties who look forward at least as much as they look back and he aims to enable all parties to be satisfied that their dispute is closed and that closure has been achieved in a way that they are satisfied with and will remain satisfied with in future.

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