Naomi Candlin
Call: 2003
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Mediators Profile

Naomi qualified as a mediator with the London School of Mediation, accredited by the Civil Mediation Council.  She has a broad chancery and public law practice with a particular emphasis on disputes relating to property, wills trusts and probate, and Court of Protection. 

Naomi is ideally suited to mediations involving disputes between neighbours over boundaries and rights of way; between family members over Inheritance Act claims and disputed Wills; between local councils and individuals over housing, neighbourhood and general community disputes; and disputes involving vulnerable or protected parties. Her most recent mediation involved a family farming partnership and reached settlement.

Alongside being a mediator, Naomi has also represented parties as an advocate in numerous mediations and Financial Dispute Resolution hearings and is very familiar with both complex disputes and matters involving difficult individuals. 

Naomi accepts instructions from both the legal profession and direct from companies, organisations, public authorities and members of the public.

What does Naomi bring to the table?

Naomi’s substantial experience means she is well-placed to understand the dynamics of mediation, the need to sustain progress throughout the process and to keep the parties thinking creatively in order to reach a resolution that is satisfactory to all parties. Naomi offers a facilitative approach to mediation, and brings her excellent skills of listening, challenging and persevering to encourage parties to keep their minds focussed on a mutually acceptable goal.  

What does Naomi want to achieve through the ADR process?

Naomi’s principal aim is to achieve resolution of the dispute, or at least a narrowing of issues to assist resolution in the immediate aftermath.  She aims to steer the parties towards a settlement that is acceptable to all sides, saving them the costs, risks and strain of taking the case to court.