Despite its considerable size, it has managed
to retain the personal touch
Chambers & Partners UK Bar
Despite its considerable size, it has managed
to retain the personal touch
Chambers & Partners UK Bar

Members of St Philips Business and Property Group provide specialist advocacy and advisory services for commercial clients and private individuals from the UK and overseas in a wide variety of matters, both contentious and non-contentious.

Instructing our members is simple, and our website offers you assistance in finding a barrister to meet your needs with the appropriate level of expertise and at the right cost. Alternatively, you are welcome to speak to one of our dedicated clerks, who will be pleased to advise which of our barristers have the relevant expertise and are best suited to your matter.

Barristers can be instructed in a number of ways, and for further details of from whom we can accept instructions, please open the appropriate section below.

  • UK Lawyers & Professionals

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    • The majority of instructions received by our barristers comes by way of Professional Client Access, whether from a solicitor in private practice, an in-house lawyer, or other legal professionals.

      The following people can also instruct barristers either on behalf of clients or on their own account.

      In any matter for all types of work:

      • Solicitors
      • Other authorised litigators
      • Parliamentary agents, patent agents, trademark agents and notaries
      • European lawyers registered with the Law Society
      • Employed barristers and/or European lawyers registered with the Bar Council
      • Legal Advice Centres designated by the Bar Council

      In limited areas of work:

      • Licensed conveyancers in matters in which they are providing conveyancing services
  • International Lawyers & Clients

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    • The International Practice Rules aim to allow overseas clients to deal with English barristers with the greatest possible equivalence to the way in which they deal with solicitors, and St Philips Business and Property Group barristers regularly work with lawyers, businesses and individuals based outside the UK.

      St Philips Business and Property Group barristers can offer the following services to international clients based outside the UK on a direct access basis:

      • Specialist advice on all areas of the law in England and Wales, European Community and international law, including human rights law
      • Specialist advice and assistance on the drafting, interpretation and enforceability of contracts governed by the law in England and Wales, or the laws of other common law countries
      • Specialist advice on commercial situations presenting legal, factual or technical difficulties
      • Arbitration services in England and Wales and in most other jurisdictions (the English Bar is one of the leading professions in the field of international arbitration)
      • Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services (as mediators, advocates or advisers)
      • Expert witness services
      • Specialist advocacy services before European and international courts and tribunals
      • Specialist advice and assistance in the preparation of litigation or in a non-litigious context

      As regards proposed litigation in the courts of England and Wales, if you are an overseas lawyer or business it is highly recommended that you contact a St Philips Business and Property Group barrister first. Our barristers will be able to give you an initial assessment of your case at very competitive rates, and can advise on the most suitable firms of solicitors to use (under English law, a solicitor will have to be instructed once court proceedings are to be commenced).

  • Licensed Access

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    • We are also able to accept instructions under the Licensed Access scheme. This was formerly known as “BarDIRECT” or “Direct Professional Access”, and enables members of certain professional bodies, along with other organisations and individuals, who are licensed by the Bar Standards Board to instruct barristers directly. Full details of the scheme and a list of who can instruct us under it can be found by clicking here.
  • Public Access

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    • In 2004 the Bar Council introduced the Public Access Scheme to enable members of the public and commercial and non-commercial organisations to obtain a barrister's services directly in matters where the support of a professional client may not be necessary.

      Public Access is now permitted in relation to almost all legal problems, and an appropriately qualified barrister can offer a wide range of services to help you solve the problem or to bring about a resolution with the assistance of the court or through mediation or arbitration.

      Those members of St Philips Business and Property Group who are authorised to take instructions this way are listed here:

      • Simon Clegg
      • Anthony Verduyn
      • Andrew Charman
      • David Griffiths
      • Naomi Candlin
      • Ali Tabari
      • Davinia Riley
      • Iqbal Mohammed
      • Mark Grant

      Full details of the Public Access Scheme can be found on The Bar Council’s website by clicking here.