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ComBar Position Papers Published on the Impact of Brexit - Andrew Dinsmore

Andrew Dinsmore recently sat on the ComBar Brexit Working Group for both International Arbitration and the Conflict of Laws in which he played a significant role in drafting ComBar's position paper on each topic.

The Conflict of Laws paper considers the impact of Brexit on the allocation of jurisdiction, choice of court agreements, the enforcement of judgments, choice of law, service of process in EU Member States and judicial assistance in taking evidence within the EU.

The International Arbitration paper considers the impact of Brexit on the interaction of arbitration and the EU Conflict of Laws regimes, choice of law under s. 46 of the Arbitration Act 1996, access to the London market (i.e. visas for lawyers, arbitrators and witnesses) and investment treaty arbitration.

Further to this work, Andrew has also published a paper with Sir Richard Aikens (Brick Court Chambers) entitled "Jurisdiction, Enforcement and the Conflict of Laws in Cross-Border Commercial Disputes: What are the Legal Consequences of Brexit?" (2016) 27 (7) EBLR 903 (published by Kluwer Law International).

Andrew has also given numerous talks on this subject and is happy to do so.

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